CF Queen Yoona is camera shy?


On a recent recording of Strong Heart (Kang Shim Jang), SNSD’s Yoona revealed that she went through a short phase of having a phobia of being on camera.

The topic first came up when fellow guest Yang Jung Ah talked about rumors that accused the members of SBS Gold Miss is Coming to be bullying Ye Ji Won. Yoona commented that a similar incident happened in SNSD.

When the video incident regarding whether or not Tiffany was wearing underwear was released online, people accused Yoona that she was bullying Tiffany.

They talked about what their reactions were, how they treated each other afterwards, and what kind of a conversation they had about the whole incident. If you are curious, you have to wait till the show airs on the 3rd.

But one thing we do know is that Yoona started to develop a fear of cameras. She said, “Back then, I developed a phobia of cameras and worried about who was filming me.”

It must be hard to have people always wanting to ruin your imag……….

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