SNSD bullies Tiffany and made her cry?


SNSD member Tiffany revealed on SBS Strong Heart that the other eight members of the group are actually con artists, and that they’re not as innocent as they look.

On the show the singer revealed, “The members always leave me out and plan something on their own; they’ve deceived me many times.” She shared how they make the most of her lack of Korean fluency since she hails from California.

Because I don’t know many of the advanced Korean words, they have made fun of me and taken advantage of it. One time they almost convinced me that ‘byureuk’ (which means flea) was a specific look. If I had not found out what it really meant, I would have made a big mistake!” said Tiffany, which had the whole studio in laughter. The joke here is that the word “byukreuk” sounds a lot like “byu look,” so Tiffany thought it was a ‘look’ like a “hip-hop look” or “marine look.”.

from Fly 2 the Sky said he could relate to Tiffany as he’s from America as well and got teased by fellow member Hwan Hee. Tiffany shed some tears on the show and Brian tried to lighten the mood by joking around, this incident on Strong Heart will air on November 3.

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