SNSD Clothing for Charity


A LOT OF Korean artists aregiving various items
for charity. Popular girl group Girls’ Generation / SNSD are joining in on this giving as the clothing from their Chocolate Love MV was put up for auction on October 23rd. All proceeds from the auction are to be donated to needy children around the world.

The auction recently ended and here’s how much the dresses were auctioned off for:

Regular Dresses:
YoonA: 8,061,000 won (around $6800)
Tiffany: 7,010,000 won (around $5900)
Taeyeon: 6,470,000 won (around $5500)
Jessica: 5,981,000 won (around $5000)
Seohyun: 2,370,000 won (around $2000)
Yuri: 1,701,000 won (around $1400)
Sunny: 1,481,000 won (around $1250)
Sooyoung: 718,000 won (around $600)
Hyoyeon: 621,000 won (around $520)

For the 2 piece white outfit:
Jessica: 3,120,000 won (around $2600)
Tiffany: 2,700,000 won (around $2300)
Yuri: 2,190,000 won (around $1800)
Taeyeon: 1,730,000 won (around $1500)
YoonA: 1,540,000 won (around $1300)
Sunny: 1,260,000 won (around $1100)
Seohyun: 1,213,000 won (around $1000)
Sooyoung: 666,000 won (around $560)
Hyoyeon: 420,000 won (around $350)

Poor Sooyoung and Hyoyeon at the bottom, but I wasn’t surprised that YoonA, Jessica, Tiffany, Taeyeon, and Yuri fetching a good amount for their dresses. All in all, a good amount of money donated for a good cause. Thanks to chosun,

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