A.N.Jell to make a body sandwich?


Who are the A.N.Jell, you ask? None other than the rookie four member idol group that’s hitting their number one spots, of course! Still not familiar? That’s probably because they are only real in a drama, SBS You’re Beautiful. The series had recently been gaining tons of spotlights with their stellar casting of the hotties, like Jang Geun Suk and Lee Hong Ki. The unique plot centered around a life of an idol group truly captured the hearts of the viewers young and old, successfully gaining the title of the New Boys Before Flowers.

On Episode 9, which aired on the 4th, the characters including the A.N.Jell themselves gathered at a karaoke to celebrate Go Mi Nam‘s debut as a solo artist. I guess singing and dancing weren’t the only excitement they had, for the unseen photos taken by a fan on set have just been surfaced. Check them out:picturessssssssss……..in…………

Woah there, slow down, you beast!

What are you staring at? Get on, Shinwoo!



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