SNSD bullies Tiffany and made her cry?

November 14, 2009


SNSD member Tiffany revealed on SBS Strong Heart that the other eight members of the group are actually con artists, and that they’re not as innocent as they look.

On the show the singer revealed, “The members always leave me out and plan something on their own; they’ve deceived me many times.” She shared how they make the most of her lack of Korean fluency since she hails from California.

Because I don’t know many of the advanced Korean words, they have made fun of me and taken advantage of it. One time they almost convinced me that ‘byureuk’ (which means flea) was a specific look. If I had not found out what it really meant, I would have made a big mistake!” said Tiffany, which had the whole studio in laughter. The joke here is that the word “byukreuk” sounds a lot like “byu look,” so Tiffany thought it was a ‘look’ like a “hip-hop look” or “marine look.”.

from Fly 2 the Sky said he could relate to Tiffany as he’s from America as well and got teased by fellow member Hwan Hee. Tiffany shed some tears on the show and Brian tried to lighten the mood by joking around, this incident on Strong Heart will air on November 3.


SNSD Clothing for Charity

November 14, 2009


A LOT OF Korean artists aregiving various items
for charity. Popular girl group Girls’ Generation / SNSD are joining in on this giving as the clothing from their Chocolate Love MV was put up for auction on October 23rd. All proceeds from the auction are to be donated to needy children around the world.

The auction recently ended and here’s how much the dresses were auctioned off for:

Regular Dresses:
YoonA: 8,061,000 won (around $6800)
Tiffany: 7,010,000 won (around $5900)
Taeyeon: 6,470,000 won (around $5500)
Jessica: 5,981,000 won (around $5000)
Seohyun: 2,370,000 won (around $2000)
Yuri: 1,701,000 won (around $1400)
Sunny: 1,481,000 won (around $1250)
Sooyoung: 718,000 won (around $600)
Hyoyeon: 621,000 won (around $520)

For the 2 piece white outfit:
Jessica: 3,120,000 won (around $2600)
Tiffany: 2,700,000 won (around $2300)
Yuri: 2,190,000 won (around $1800)
Taeyeon: 1,730,000 won (around $1500)
YoonA: 1,540,000 won (around $1300)
Sunny: 1,260,000 won (around $1100)
Seohyun: 1,213,000 won (around $1000)
Sooyoung: 666,000 won (around $560)
Hyoyeon: 420,000 won (around $350)

Poor Sooyoung and Hyoyeon at the bottom, but I wasn’t surprised that YoonA, Jessica, Tiffany, Taeyeon, and Yuri fetching a good amount for their dresses. All in all, a good amount of money donated for a good cause. Thanks to chosun,

SNSD’s Tiffany ideal man is 2AM’s Jo Kwon?

November 14, 2009


During the filming for the November 17th Hello Baby episode, SNSD / Girls’ Generation member Sooyoung played a Truth game with Leessang’s Gil. When she was asked whom Tiffany’s ideal man was, she revealed that “Tiffany’s Ideal man is Jo Kwon from 2AM.” Which lead Tiffany to blush.

Meanwhile SNSD member Seohyun talked about her awkward relationship with SHINee’s Key which was first ravealed on star golden bell  back in August

This is pretty funny to think that Tiffany has diva Jo Kwon as her ideal man, I wonder if Sooyoung was just saying it in jest or if he really is Tiffany’s ideal man? We’ll have to wait until November 17th to watch the episode to find out if it’s true or not. Thanks to lola for the tip and wenfany@soshified / newsen for sharing the information.

snsd:SNSD’s YoonA and Soo Young’s ideal man is…

November 14, 2009


During the filming for a upcoming Hello Baby episode on KBS JOY, the girls of SNSD / Girls’ Generation played a truth game.

If you can recall, this is the same episode and game whereTiffany blushingly revealed that her ideal man was Jo Kwon of 2AM. During the same truth game SNSD members YoonA and Soo Young both revealed that their ideal man was none other than Lee Seung Gi. They had a playful battle on who would actually win his heart, I think yoonawould have an advantage there.

After the show was done filming the girls approached the director of the show and asked him why they couldn’t invite Lee Seung Gi himself as a special guest “one-day dad” on the show. This particular show seems like it’s going to be a lot of fun and is scheduled to air on November 17th.


November 10, 2009

HI………..everybody……….. today i brough for you some song from tiffany and………….


K.Will – A Girl Meets Love (With Girls’ Generation Tiffany) – just_wind.mp3

K. Will ft. Tiffany (SNSD) – A Girl Meets Love.mp3

So Nyeo Shi Dae (Girls’ Generation) Feat.Tiffany – By Myself.mp3

Tiffany – If Love Is Blind.mp3

Tiffany – All This Time.mp3

Heaven – Jessica & Tiffany(SNSD).mp3

SNSD_Tiffany_Love will show you everything.mp3


SNSD – Because of you [Taeyeon+Tiffany].mp3

Fall Out Boy – 10 – Tiffany Blews.mp3

Deep Blue Something – Breakfast At Tiffany’s.mp3






November 9, 2009

TODAY I WANT TO give you some data about tiffany (girlsgeneration)
her biography

name:hwang mi young
i Born:1989/8/1

Weight:48 kg


Blood typ: o

education:korea kent foreign school,gratuated,middle school,south pointe us,high school:diamond bar us


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November 8, 2009

HI my name is sarina and i hope to having a great time with each other…………………….



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November 8, 2009

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